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MOLOTOW™ / ONE4ALL™ HS227HS Main-Kit 12er Box

Article number: MOLOTOW-O4A-12er
Quantity: 17
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MOLOTOW ™ / ONE4ALL ™ HS227HS Main Kit 12er Box

The ONE4ALL ™ acrylic markers series of MOLOTOW is as unique as versatile. It consists of sophisticated markers and a unique hybrid paint on acrylic base, which adheres to almost any surface. All markers are refillable and tips can be exchanged in no time. The color itself can be processed with every imaginable application tool. Thanks to its versatility ONE4ALL ™ opens up endless creative opportunities for artists, writers and street artists. This marker and color system is the missing link between aerosol, airbrush, markers and brushes. A highly pigmented rounder "Made in Germany", which shines with today unprecedented color brilliance and opacity.

The 227HS has a removable 4 mm bullet tip.

A particular technical finesse is the patented capillary system, which guarantees a uniform and controlled distribution of color. Together with the Flowmaster ™ pump valve, which is responsible for the controlled ink flow, this marker has the best drawing properties on almost all substrates. The mixing balls inside the marker ensure that highly pigmented paint is mixed well and always constant Malergebnisse supplies. However, it should be remembered with every use because the marker to shake vigorously, so that the pigments can distribute evenly throughout the ink.

MOLOTOW ™ ONE4ALL 227HS Main Kit 12er Box sorted, 4mm round tip, comes in an attractive, transparent box.

Shades ONE4ALL markers:
227 201 zinc yellow, 227 203 DARE orange, traffic red 227 202, 227 204 burgundrot, 227,205 shock blue medium, 227,206 ink blue, 227,207 currant, 227 208 neon, 227,209 MISTER GREEN, 227,210 hazel, 227 211 Signal white, 227 212 signal black

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